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"Reliable Plumbing has been taking care of my pet shop for over four years now. They’ve recommended the best products and methods of doing my plumbing to save me money and time. Their attention to cleanliness and upfront honesty is something I hold of great value. I plan to do business with Reliable Plumbing Inc. in the years to come and would encourage anyone trying to find a RELIABLE plumbing company to try them out."

Jacob McKinley

"I was skeptical about their camera’s. When I called they told me they were bringing tiny cameras to figure out what was wrong with my plumbing. To my surprise, their equipment was very helpful. They found the problem right away and took the time to show me what was going on. They also recommended how to prevent the clog in the future. I’m so glad I called, Gilberto was great help. I highly recommend Reliable Plumbing Inc."

Jessica Tarasol

"One day I suddenly was not getting water to any of my building floors! I called Reliable Plumbing right away, they arrived in less than 10 minutes and took care of the problem that same day. It turned out to be a main pipe burst, and had they not come in the time they did, the overflow and pressure would’ve cost me lots of money in repairs. Thank you Reliable Plumbing Inc. You guys Rock!!!"

Martin Bouygues